ThePostGradGal Presents: Our Findings

This blog, for me, has been a long time coming. Early into 2015 I had a lightbulb idea, a spontaneous exploding moment of creativity that I knew I needed to run with. I wanted to write, to share my story, encouraging others to feel comfortable enough to do the same. Even more so, I wanted to impart some wisdom I’ve gathered in my time after college, hoping that even one gal out there would have an easier experience.

When it comes to my creative process, I’m split straight down the middle: 50% left brain, 50% right brain. Thus, as Creative as I like to be, I also like Process. Routine. Facts and figures. SO, before I embarked on this adventure known as The Post Grad Gal, I wanted to get some solid feedback on what gals like you would be interested in reading. I developed a survey, sent it to my resources, including sorority groups on Facebook, my closest friends and acquaintances who I’ve always admired.

Boy, did you all deliver.

109 responses.
Women ages 18-29.
Incredible, insightful, information.

Your feedback was so helpful in guiding me through what to write, and for that I’m eternally grateful. I now have a better understanding of the topics I can best cover that will be most beneficial for you as readers.

Not only did I get great feedback, but I also received amazing insight on our lifestyles, our fears and our inspirations. I read through your anonymous answers in awe, grateful for your participation, vulnerability and honesty. Below is a summary of our findings. Let’s dive in. Continue reading


We are works in progress.


We are works in progress.

That’s all we are, all we can be. I remind myself of this every day, if not multiple times a day. After having to put this blog (yet again) on the back burner in order to live out some the experiences I wished to write about, I’m finally getting started again, thanks to some encouragement from my sweet friend, Jessy.

As I prepare posts to write for this blog, I think about just how much I’ve experienced and how much I have to share. The most beautiful blessing, though, is that I’m far from having everything figured out. I’m not even close. Some of the most amazing experiences in life are those a-ha moments where situational experiences finally. make. sense. I’ve had a slew of those lately.

Hindsight is 20:20. As many of us (continue to) barrel into the unknown, the unstable, the spontaneous and somewhat overwhelming life that is after-college, we must keep in mind that the dots will only connect when we look back. It sure does feel nice, though, when hard work gets recognized and things (seem to finally) fall into (some sort) of place.

I’m working as much as I can to get some posts ready for this blog and I can’t wait to share them with you. Stay tuned!

JUST DO IT. (Really.)

I know I’m quite late on the Shia-LeBeouf-Just-Do-It bandwagon though his words have been quite relevant today. I think about this darn blog every day – multiple times a day, even. When one thinks, there’s an app for that! I replace app with blog post. I have this whole slew of information I’m dying to share with you all, and have had the hardest time actually blocking out time to sit and write it out. Also, I have had every intention of having this blog really up and running already but many life milestones [losing a family member, moving into my own apartment, dealing with family transitions, transitioning from temporary to permanent work positions, and more] have all happened before I had the chance.

Thus, I finally caught Shia’s fine words tonight and they stuck with me. I’m gonna JUST DO IT. No more time for excuses. I have just as much to gain from this experience as you will have when reading my posts. So — off we go!




10658905_10203981382433682_5202542382779809328_oHi there,
Post Grad Gal here. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m very happy that you’re here. Though I’m also, admittedly, a little nervous. I’ve conjured and crafted and planned all of these ideas to share with you for months. Now that I have all of these wonderful ideas, it has been quite stressful trying to figure out what to write about first. So, how about I introduce myself?

Hey. Hi. Hello. My name is Marissa and I will happily be your resource for all things post-(college)graduation. I live in one of the most wonderful big-small cities there is: Louisville, KY. I spent four amazing years studying Communications and Business at a small private school with big school spirit (despite not having a football team!) and led public relations and the communications strategy for my sorority chapter. I spend my days working in digital marketing compliance alongside some of the most talented people I have ever met. I strive to live every day spreading kindness and gratitude.

This first year after college has been, simply put, transformational. I have experienced so much love that my heart could burst | enough stress to make me want to curl up in my bed and never leave | so much chaos and confusion that left me wondering when the rain would stop | and so much true, authentic joy in spending time doing what I love most with the people I love the most.

The lessons I’ve come across, I feel, are worth sharing. I can guarantee that I’m not the only early twenty-something gal wondering what the hay has happened since we shook hands with our university president, received our diplomas, and tossed our bedazzled caps into the air. I maintained a solid 7:30 am – 10:30 pm lifestyle in college; now a 40+ hour workweek exhausts me. I have an internal battle between choosing to make a healthy salad or just heating up some pizza rolls. I get so ambitious during the workday and sometimes find myself having to peel myself off the couch when I get home.

I’m learning the delicate balancing act of work, socializing, “relaxing” (whatever that means…) eating right, finding joy in stressful moments, navigating these first career steps, maintaining friendships and staying healthy through it all – and I’m far from having it figured out. So that’s why I’m here, happily offering you a vulnerable glimpse into my life and the lessons I’ve learned – to show you that this post-grad life is a blast and we’re not alone on this crazy ride.

Thanks so much for coming by. I’m really excited to get this started.